Sardinia4Uk - Your Exclusive Gateway To Sardinia - Luxury Holidays
Sardinia4Uk is a boutique agency for personal assistance operating in London and Emerald Coast. Sardinia4Uk is your Exclusive Gateway To Sardinia.
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Discover Our Services


Sardinia4Uk is a boutique agency for personal assistance operating in London and Costa Smeralda.

Putting our profound knowledge of the territory and strong connections at your service, our aim is to help you make the most of your Sardinian experience.

Offering breathtaking landscapes, white sandy beaches, crystal clear seas, luxury accommodation and ancient traditions, Sardinia is one of the most fascinating islands in the Mediterranean sea.

The north east coast of the island named Emerald Coast, in italian Costa Smeralda, is considered one of the most charming summer holiday destinations in Europe, and this is where Sardinia4Uk operates, along with our London based agent.

We are privileged to be from this captivating and unique corner of the world. With a vast amount of information at our fingertips and excellent industry contacts we are happy to undertake whatever research is necessary to deliver what you require. While our London agent will meet you and get to know your needs and specific desires, our Sardinian agent will personally hunt for your dream holiday home, guide you through the activities and the places that the island offers, or even organise your dream wedding in Sardinia.

Our small and dedicated team is always available to meet you or is just a phone call away.

Though we recognize the importance and the comfort of the online booking systems of our time, we still believe that sometimes what we see on a screen can lead to disappointment. This is why we personally visit every single residence and consider all the aspects of it, before we match it to your personal and individual needs. Our job is to ensure that your stay in Sardinia is a dream, your holiday home the perfect one for you, surrounded by places that we are sure you’ll love, close to the amenities and activities that you enjoy the most.


Personal advisor for Sardinian holidays, properties, weddings and much more.

Property search

Whether you are looking for a Villa with a sea view, for a typical countryside Sardinian house, for a flat in the village, or even for a yacht, our Sardinian agent will find the right holiday home for you, tailor made to fit your budget, needs and preferences.


Want to explore the sealife or enjoy sailing? Aiming to cross the island on an old steam train? Relax. We can make sure your home is well positioned for all the things you love, and will provide you assistance with your booking and choice of activities.

Weddings and Honeymoons

Sardinia can be a fabulous setting for your big day. Whether you choose to get married on a white sand beach; in a little old church among the Sardinian hills; or even at your holiday home, we can help you turn your dream wedding in Sardinia into a reality.